The Hubka's

On Vancouver Island

My name is Rick Hubka.  I have been a Computer Programmer/Analyst consultant for a long time. Yes.  I'm old!

In 1969 (46 year ago) I learned FORTRAN in high school and used the these IBM punch cards to enter my programs.  Once the program was written, I would have to travel to the University of Manitoba to pass a stack of cards through a window and wait while a technician loaded my cards into the mainframe computer to run them.  The main frame computer was about the size of my house.
IBM Punch Cards

In 1980 I bought my first home computer.  The Texas Instrument TI-99/4A.  There were no home monitors back then, I used the TV.  There were also no hard disks or floppy disks, etc.  I used a Radio Shack cassette tape recorder/player to store and input my data.  I wrote a mortgage amortization program and a really bad fighter plan game in TI Basic.
TI 99/4A

In 1990 at the Manitoba Telephone System, the first PC I worked on was an IBM compatible 8086 with a phosphor green monitor.  I learned and wrote many programs in dBase and C++.  When the program got big, the PC was so slow that I would print out the program on a long paper roll on a dot matrix printer.  Then I'd roll out the paper up and down the isles in the office and crawl around on my knees with a pen trying to make sense of the dBase code.    Then the office got a 286 computer.  I bought one for home too.

In 1992 the Manitoba Telephone System sent me on a programming course to learn Powerbuilder V2, a new Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool.  Power builder today, 21 years later is now on version 12.5 but sadly it is a dead product because Sybase has no marketing skills.  I have used every version from 2 to 11. I developed tons of software in Powerbuilder over the years. An premise appointment scheduler for the Manitoba Telephone System.  A vendor management system for BP (Yes.  the bad oil company).  As a previous owner in Tracrite Software I wrote Optimum Control, a Restaurant Management System (see below).  Jeff Hands (my old partner still owns Tracrite Software (

In 2003 I wrote my first password program in a language called Delphi.  Delphi 7 was very cool and my password programs look could be changed to 1 of 30 different skins.  Yes, even 7 years ago the amount of passwords I had was insane and I not remember them unless I used the same password for many things.  In fact it was somewhat of a joke a work in that if you knew one persons password, you often knew all their passwords

In 2003 I learned Microsoft Dot.Net C# programming and have been using it for 10 years now.   Most of my Dot.Net programming has been using ASP.Net.  However I have done some windows forms apps and did a complex AutoCAD automation console program.  In the last few year Microsoft has offered new Dot.Net ways of building Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) using new MCV, WPF and Silverlight.

It's 2014.  The Internet and Website technology, Dot.Net and other technologies have evolved exponentially.  I use Dot.Net 4.5, jquery, bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript PHP, Sql Server and a dozen other tools to get the job done.  There is now actually too many development plug-ins and tools available for Website development,  Thousands.  Nobody has time to try them all.  I take recommendations from trusted sources and strive to stay current.  What a ride!

This spring (2014) I jumped into iOS and XCode programming building a small Purchase Order iPhone app for work.  Nothing fancy.  Communicates with the server at work via WCF service pushing and pulling Json.