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CBC Rejects comments on Rob Ford article 

CBC does not like honest public critisizim

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  • Comment from  Rick Hubka

Oh My G...
Is there no other news in Canada?
This is pathetic. Come on CBC please tell Canada REAL news. Not the witch hunt stories you have for some city mayor.

My online comment above was rejected on their website public comments section by CBC Canada.  I asume they did not like my comments on their perpetual "Rob Ford" stories on their Website today (Nov 22, 2013). Either that or I was one of the "many" complaints and they did not want to look as bad as they really are.

I guess my public opinion was not in "their" best interest.  I was not alone in my opinion telling them to stop the Rob Ford print and tell us news.  A few "stop the Rob Ford already" comments were allowed.  Makes me wonder how many other complaints were deleted.  Deleting these definately alters the precieved comment results.

Canadians do not always get the news they want.  They get what pays for and helps CBC advertizing goals.

It's a sad sad world when we rely on news giants like CBC to send canadians the valuable news when CBC values dirty sensational sitcoms stories instead.  We miss what we expect because advertising revenue is the real goal of CBC.

This is the second time my comments have been deleted.   This time howver I choose to speak out and be heard and posted them here!

Thanks for listening.  Thats my rant for the month.

PS: After my comments were rejected I posted again saying I would post my comments here.  That post was also rejected.

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  • Rick Hubka

You refused to publish my comments.
So I did.
Thank you

Rick Hubka (Chemainus BC)


Posted by Rick Hubka Friday, November 22, 2013 9:18:00 PM Categories: Home Rants

Internet costs too high in Canada 

Bandwidth is no longer a luxury. It's an essential service.

Last year, Netflix's chief content officer famously referred to the Canadian internet situation this way: "[It's] almost a human rights violation, what they're charging for internet in Canada."

Canadians' are financially gouged for Internet, Cell, Phone and TV.  Shaw and TELUS purposely slice and dice their TV channel packages so there is no "good" package.  You need to subscribe to several costly packages get what you want.

Now internet bandwidth (speed) has been sliced and diced into several packages in order for providers to charge more for what the public need.  It's all for profit, greed and keep the shareholders happy.

Years ago when phones were a government provided service the public were charged at cost.  Then we welcomed free enterprise.  Bring back government owned and operated internet.  Charge Canadians at cost.  Then deregulation came along.  Competition will lead to better pricing they said.   Maybe Canada is too small for there to be enough competition in some industries.  In Internet services that's the case.  We do not have enough providers and those we have appear to engaged in what I would call price fixing.  I mean step over the border and the price is double the U.S.

Bandwidth is no longer a luxury. It's an essential service.  Sometimes free enterprise is just bullshit!

Next time a knock comes on the door saying vote for me.  I will demand an answer to this.  Maybe the NICE people (Canadians) need to become the squeaky wheel.

Rick Hubka

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 7:22:00 AM Categories: Rants

Moved to Chemainus BC. Still on the Island 

June 8, 2012 we moved 90k south to the small town of Chemainus so I could be closer to my new computer programming job at the Municipality of North Cowichan.  It is a lovely ocean side community. Instead of driving 100k to work every day I am now only 14k away.  What a pleasure!

The only thing missing at our new home location is having a garage for my woodworking and guitar building hobbies so that is now my first priority.

Sherry is going to be learning a lot more about gardening because we have about 50 different flowers, shrubs and trees, etc in the yard.

Only a 10 minute walk to the ocean where our dog jumps in and is swimming instantly.
Sunday, June 10, 2012 7:30:00 PM Categories: Home

Kage getting a knee operation 

   Our 2 year old German Shepherd (Kage) is having a knee operation in a few days.  Poor Guy!  After the operation he will not be able to navigate the stairs to our house so yesterday I built him a 24 foot ramp.

German Shepherds have quite a history of have hip problems and he has that too.

After surgery and 5 weeks of rest, Kage will start a swimming program to build up strength without any load bearing.
Thursday, November 11, 2010 12:22:00 PM Categories: Home